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Our Team at Tatenda

We are an eclectic group of people, from various backgrounds that include IT, engineering, physics, nursing and social sciences. As a relatively lean team, we do not have any two people with the same work experience and background. What we actually share in common is our interest in business, especially food manufacturing with minimal processing in a world of highly processed food. We each believe in bringing to the market, an African flare and flavour. We are producing foods without additives, food without GMO, food that is so close to nature; it’s the food that has been on our tables prior to the advent of processed food. We believe and we are making that accessible to all, at great value. This is food that we also love and enjoy – food that we share, as we have always done back home in Africa. This is food which should produce healthier outcomes. And we believe that the roles of every one in our team should involve meeting our customers’ needs, always.

Our Story

These days, our food system has been the subject of the chemical process technologies born out of the chemical industry. We have additives in all foods that our biochemists do not know what to do with. We now have health and weight issues that we never used to one and a half generations ago.

Tatenda Foods is seeking to bring back the original healthy, authentic meals like we have always had in the African Savannah an the beautiful tropics. We are what we eat  and we would like to positively influence that equation. All  Tatenda products are made from GMO-free maize and no additives, exactly as nature intended.

There are many people who have the same experience as our story, people of a culture whose food system, and only that food system would nourish us for the long and healthier lives we should enjoy. We will have to look ahead by looking back to bring our nourishment born out of broad and deep culture, we owe it to ourselves and our children. Please join us, in not only sharing our story but in bringing back that authentic touch, test, and smell to our foods again, for the benefit of the generations to come.